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About me-Magaly Gouveia

I graduated as an Architect at the most prestigious Venezuela´s University, the “Universidad Simón Bolívar”, made my equivalence degree at the “Universidade Técnica de Lisboa” in Portugal … since then my career has always been linked to architecture.

Nevertheless, my passion for painting that began in my childhood never left me …
Along my professional life as an architect I always followed my passion for painting. I studied, learned and never stopped painting.
The art history, art movements and art styles lessons, photography and sculpture workshops that I attended during my university education, helped me to keep alive my love for the art and a great connection with the art of drawing and painting.

As an artist, I started very young and has not yet stopped …

  • I studied figurative painting in the “Museo Tessari-Rizzo”;
  • I learned various painting techniques such as watercolor, oil, pastel and acrylic;
  • I did paint clay pottery, sculpture and ceramics, tiles and “Jadro”porcelain … but pastels and oil definitely conquered my attention.
  • I did research on creativity courses, anatomy and color;
  • I studied art history, had training in figurative art, sculpture, photography and color theory.
  • I have already participated in three (3) collective exhibitions and two (2) individuals.
  • I taught drawing and painting;

About magaly gouveia

Today my passion for painting continue to speak loudly …

  • I make oil painting and pastel workshops.
  • I created a technique that allows for the easy learning and understanding of the pastel portrait painting process and created some workshops online.
  • I created “Amopintar” in order to give free information related to painting and drawing, especially in pastels.
  • I spend my time between my blog “AMOPINTAR” and my paintings, teaching and creating.

I paint whenever I can… that is almost everyday.
My ain is to exhibit a lot and refine my technique.

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