Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy my paintings.

I still do not know if I’m more an architect or more a painter I graduated as an Architect at the most prestigious Venezuela´s University, the “Universidad Simón Bolívar”, made my equivalence degree at the “Universidade Técnica de Lisboa” in Portugal … since then my career has always been linked to architecture.

Nevertheless, my passion for painting that began in my childhood never left me … Along my professional life as an architect I always followed my passion for painting. I studied, learned and never stopped painting. The art history, art movements and art styles lessons, photography and sculpture workshops that I attended during my university education...

  • Voltar da pescaII-Original oil painting
    Voltar da Pesca II / P.117
    On Request
  • Voltar da pescaI-Oil Painting
    Voltar da Pesca I / P.116
  • MarSalgado-Oil Painting
    Mar Salgado / P.115
    On Request
  • livro-thumb
    “The Magic of Pastels”

    The book “A Magia dos Pastéis” (“The Magic of Pastels”), originally written in portuguese, was created especially thinking on those who loves to paint and do not know how to start. In this book you will find information about this so old material that few beginners know and of which little information exists … the […]

  • workshop-thumb
    Pastel Workshops

    FROM THE MOMENT I BEGAN WORKING WITH SOFT PASTEL, I REALIZED THE VIRTUES AND POTENCIAL OF THE MATERIAL …… However, I also realized that this technique of drawing and painting with pastels is not easy to address for any beginner … So I decided to create my new project: “Soft Pastel Workshops.” I decided to […]