I base my paintings on projects …

I am not able to jump from one topic to another without consistency… I can not paint a seascape today and a fruit still life tomorrow. I need to create a topic, then think, live and breathe that topic. So I can give the best of me. Thus the ideas emerge endlessly, sometimes faster than my own ability to materialize them …
This is why I first create a project, a whole idea and then start creating my paintings accordingly.

These are some of my latest projects:


Amopintar is my blog. It was born almost without realizing. In order to find new ways and visions for my own paintings and learning new things, came also the need to share that knowledge with other artists.
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The workshops came out when I started receiving comments and questions on my blog about the pastel technique and the need to find a procedure that provided easy learning for beginners.
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A Magia dos Pastéis:

The book came about after the proposal to make a pastel paintings exhibition in my city. I had to prepare many paintings for that exhibition, what became a great opportunity to put everything on paper and create the book.
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Children of the world:

In order to refine the portrait pastel painting technique, I decided to choose a theme or a niche … that is how I decided to dedicate the next months to paint portraits of “children of the world” …

Esse Mar:

The leap into the oil painting also needed a specific theme. Choosing the theme was pretty easy. I live near the sea. So I walked by the seashore photographing the sea, I read about the sea, I breathe the sea and painted the sea …