This is me


THIS IS ME … Even today I’m not sure if I am an architect who likes to paint
or a painter who enjoys creating and architecture …
What I do know for sure is that like beauty , harmony, art, paintings
And… I love to paint !

With the normal dissertations of a 16 year old girl and nurtured by false concepts that lead us to believe that artists can not support themselves , that for you to succeed in art you have to be exeptionally brilliant or that painting is not a profession , I chose another alternative than to become a painter …

magaly-aos-10-anos I studied Architecture in the most prestigious University of Venezuela, “Simon Bolivar University” , and since then my career has always been linked to architecture ..

Classes in art history , art movements and styles , photography and sculpture taken during my university education , helped me to keep alive my affection for the arts and a certain connection with this other artistic movement … painting.

I still remember my first oil painting, my first painting in acrylic, or my first drawing … being only 6 or 7 years old.

I started my research and artistic self – training very young , I painted watercolor and acrylic, I painted on clay sculptures and pottery, ceramics , tiles and porcelain “Jadro Style” … but pastels and oils definitely called my attention.

I studied at the “Tessari – Rizzo Museum” and also did research on creativity , anatomy and color , I participated in group and solo exhibitions and even taught drawing and painting.

Still today painting continues to speak loudly ….

quem-sou-euNow with a mature and conscious mindset that make me to believe that success does not depend on the profession but the person and the fighting spirit and ability to dream , I decided to open the door to opportunity and to create my own Painting Studio, my web site and of course … the blog “Amopintar”. !!

I hope to be in the path to help many people who like drawing and painting, thoughout the techniques , tips , tutorials, step- by-step instructions and general information related to art, thanks to my blog, website and in the studio live …

But most importantly , it is the certainty that I have now about being able to help all those potential artists to find their true path in the art world , without fear , without prejudice, and with the certainty that only by doing what we love , we became the unstoppable !.

AmoPintarMagaly Gouveia
…eu amopintar!!!
…I Love to Paint!!!